Rachel Downs

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Clifton Primary School

SLE for Business Management and Attendance

I have worked at Clifton Primary for the past 5 years, starting as a part-time business manager primarily dealing with the finance side of business, having no previous experience of working in an education setting.  Due to my experience in HR working at the police and being CIPD trained, I quickly took on more and more responsibilities, until my role evolved to what it is today, one which is quite unique for a business manager.  I am responsible for a team which looks after the administration, business and pastoral side of the school.  This ranges from attendance, child protection, child well-being, parental engagement through to school finance and HR lead.  This has enabled a culture to develop which is led by the needs of our children.  Our knowledge of the school and the children needs means we as the SLT can make informed decision on the best way to direct resources both in terms of staffing and finance.  This led the team to receive an “outstanding” ofsted grade in 2016.