Natalie Simmons

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Clifton Primary School

SLE for Early Years

Natalie has been an Early Years teacher for 11 years across two different schools. She has been part of the leadership team at Clifton Primary School for the past 3 years and is now an Assistant Headteacher at the school. Throughout this time she has consistently been an outstanding teacher and leader and a driving force for change and productivity in school. This was verified by Ofsted in 2016.

Natalie has a lot of experience in developing high quality learning environments within the EYFS. Throughout her teaching career she has played a pivotal role in transforming provision within classrooms. She has established environments that facilitate high level child focused interactions ensuring that the best possible progress is made by all.

Natalie works alongside all of the staff; nurturing and motivating them to share her high standards. She places great emphasis on staff CPD and empowers other teachers and support staff to take risks and try new things which results in the Unit becoming a reflective and research focused environment.