How to apply

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How to apply

Tidal have been allocated 15 training places for 2019/20.  It is therefore crucial you apply early to ensure a place can be offered before the allocation is filled.  Tidal offers training placements in high achieving primary schools, which are all rated good or outstanding by Ofsted.  They are all great schools to develop your career.


Apply 1 opens (subject to change) – October 2018

Apply 1 opens for applications to training programmes starting in September 2019  through the UCAS website –

When to use Apply 1

Apply 1 is the first stage in the application process. You have to use Apply 1 first.

  • At this point, you can apply for up to three choices at the same time.
  • These choices can be either all for just one of the UCAS Teacher Training routes, or a combination.
  • Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so please remember that popular training programmes will fill up quickly. Some subjects will have a limited number of places available, so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute!
  • If you’re making a School Direct choice, you’ll make your application to a School Direct lead school. However, School Direct generally works in a partnership of schools, so you might train in another school rather than the lead school. You might find out which school you’ll be at from the provider’s Entry Profile or at the interview.
  • The training programme search tool will allow you to differentiate your search, so that you can search for a particular route, e.g. School Direct

If you change your mind about one of your choices, you can change one or more of them – but only once, and only within seven days of submitting your application.


Before you can be offered a place, you’ll have to attend an interview.

  • Many providers receive a large number of applications and so can’t interview everyone who meets the essential requirements.
  • In this case, they’ll select applicants for interview using the academic and non-academic criteria.

In Apply 1, you could be invited to interview by each of your chosen training providers – if so, leave a full day free for each interview and make sure you can attend interviews within the 40 working days since you submitted your application.


In Apply 2, you could be invited to interview at short notice.

  • If you’re invited to more than one interview on the same day, get in touch with the second training provider to ask if your interview can be rearranged.
  • If they can’t rearrange it, you might have to choose which interview to attend.

How to respond to offers

Training providers are committed to letting you know their decision either before or at the end of the 40 working days. (In the unlikely event they don’t reply in time, the choice will automatically be made unsuccessful.)

Once you’ve heard from all your choices, you’ll have 10 working days to respond to any offers you get.

  • You can only accept one offer, so if you have more than one, you’ll have to decline the others.
  • But if you don’t want to accept any of the offers, you can decline them all.
  • Make sure you respond within the 10 working days, or your offers will be automatically declined on your behalf.

At this point, if you’ve been offered a place then congratulations! And if you’re still looking for a place, don’t worry — you can apply for more training programmes in Apply 2.