Gareth Troake

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Gareth Troake – Mathematics and Assessment

Gareth began teaching several years ago as a GTP student in west Hull. Before this time, Gareth had worked in many different school settings across the city including special schools. He is currently the Assistant Headteacher of Spring Cottage Primary School.

After qualifying as a teacher, Gareth was heavily involved in the building of a new school and its ICT systems which eventually led him into a data analysis role and Assessment lead. When the new curriculum changes came into place Gareth developed a system whereby children’s progress and attainment can be measured (within the 2014 Curriculum) and compared within different contexts. Over the past three years, Gareth has worked with several schools do develop their own progress measures and has created programs for them to do this – two of which have has successful Ofsteds. Gareth is currently working as the assessment lead on a DfE funded SIFF which is analysing mathematics data from schools within Hull and East Yorkshire.

Gareth’s work for the TSA has involved numerous Assessment Audits and leading training around mathematics pedagogy.