Emily Cooper

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Gillshill Primary School

SLE for English and Modern Foreign Languages (Primary)

Emily studied Russian and French at university, spending a year living in Russia, which gave her an excellent understanding of the different areas of languages. This has had a huge impact on her understanding of the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling aspect of the English curriculum. Emily leads this subject within her own school and this subject knowledge has allowed her to support staff to improve their own understanding. Gillshill’s SATs results continue to be outstanding within her subject. Emily’s grammatical knowledge has also had an impact on her ability to teach and assess the Writing element of English effectively.

Emily’s studied English Literature at A Level and also studied Russian and French Literature at university, which has also enabled me to teach other areas of English effectively.

Emily completed her year as a student teacher in Year 6 and was kept on in that year group as an NQT. She has now taught in Year 6 for the last four years.  She has a thorough understanding of English across KS2 but has also worked closely with staff in KS1 to ensure she understands what outstanding teaching looks like in this subject across the school, as well as understanding the barriers for learning in English.

As a language graduate, my understanding of how to teach MFL effectively is also excellent and Emily is available to support schools within this subject.